Jeumont Electric helps lower the environmental impacts of a German auto manufacturing facility

14 February 2020

Volkswagen has rolled out a plan to modernize the power plant at its Wolfsburg, Germany automobile manufacturing facility (800 vehicles per day; 70,000 employees; 6 sq. km). The facility’s current coal-fired boilers will be replaced with a combined-cycle power plant (two gas turbines and two steam turbines) slated for commissioning in 2022.

The new combined-cycle power plant will produce around 288 MW of electricity and around 265 MW of heat and should secure a long-term reduction in the CO2 emissions of the facility’s power and heat production by around 1.5 million tons per year, about the same amount of CO2 produced by 870,000 vehicles annually.


MHPS (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems) Europe will provide engineering and construction services for the new power plant. Jeumont Electric will work on the Wolfsburg-West modernization project, where the two steam turbines will be installed. The company will supply Doosan Skoda Power (DSP) based in Plzeň in the Czech Republic with two 62 MVA (50 MW) JEGSY-type alternator with four salient poles. The equipment will be delivered in late November 2020. The alternators, coupled with the Skoda steam turbines and a steam boiler, will generate electricity for the manufacturing facility.