Jeumont Electric to equip plant owned by Italian energy giant A2A

2 November 2020

For the second time in 2020, Milan-based Franco Tosi Meccanica (FTM), a Bruno Presezzi company, selected Jeumont Electric to supply equipment for a waste-to-energy plant.

Jeumont Electric will supply a four-pole 45 MVA (38 MW) alternator slated for delivery to the plant in Q2 of 2021. A steam turbine manufactured by FTM will be coupled with the alternator, providing electricity to many homes. The plant is authorized for around 380,000 tons of waste per year.

By 2022 the plant will ramp up production from 44 MW currently to 52 MW.

This new turbo-alternator set will replace the original equipment, which was commissioned in the late 1990s. The plant, in Parona (Lombardy) is owned by Italian energy giant A2A.