JVS1000 13.2kV frequency converters launched

15 July 2016

In response to market demand, Jeumont Electric has begun drawing up specifications and developing manufacturing processes for a 13.2kV frequency converter line.

The new product line will give Jeumont Electric a truly differentiating product with regard to competing solutions on the market. Frequency converters at this voltage can provide a crucial advantage, enabling operators to improve the energy efficiency and uptime of their production equipment.

Remote troubleshooting

Jeumont Electric’s Etupes, France staff monitors customer equipment installed with the Jeumont Electric Powelco command-control system. And, for the first time ever, our people performed advanced disturbance analysis and optimization during operation. It is also possible to troubleshoot and locate faults remotely (at sites in the Pacific and Indian Oceans) directly from our Etupes automation platform. No action is required from the customer.

Jeumont Electric’s Powelco command-control system will celebrate 150,000 hours of operation and uptime at the end of this month.