We have developed specific methods and tools to audit your equipment to reduce downtime and make your equipment more reliable.

  • Approved spare parts

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  • Instrumentation for continuous monitoring of certain equipment parameters and their fluctuations
  • Calculations, troubleshooting, and technical (electrical, mechanical, thermal, vibratory, control and measurement of auxiliaries) consulting services backed by our engineering department
  • Flat-fee repairs of electronic boards, large equipment, etc.
  • Preventive maintenance: scheduled maintenance and replacement of equipment under contract
  • Curative maintenance: post-incident analysis and maintenance/repairs
    • Stator rewinding with Roebel bars or coils with VPI insulation
    • Rewinding the rotor using the original technology or using an improved process (cooling, wedging, etc.)
    • Water box repairs on water-cooled stators using a process patented by Jeumont Electric (SURJIBOX).