The LOTE Project

23 April 2024

The LOTE Project (Life of type extension) is the name of the program aimed at increasing the lifespan of Australia’s sixCollins-class submarines.

JEUMONT Electric has been chosen to carry out the replacement of the propulsion system of the 1st submarines. This system is made up of a motor powered by control cabinets which will ensure high performance acoustic discretion.

More than three years of studies have been necessary to design this silent system. The manufacturing phase of the motor and its cabinets has just begun and the first equipment set will be delivered to Australia in 2026 for installation.

 A project to follow!

The project team (from left to right): Eric SEVASTIDIS, Project Manager (Commonwealth of Austalia), Xavier LANNEHOA, Chef de projet client JEUMONT Electric, Daniel TOOTELL, Project Manager (ASC), Richard BASTIEN, Chef de projet interne, Alexandre GRZEGORZEWSKI, Responsable technique armoires JEUMONT Electric. Photo prise le 4 mars 2023 à l’occasion de la venue de MM. Sevastidis et Tootell