Jeumont Electric became a member of GIFEN

30 March 2022

Jeumont Electric became a member of GIFEN, France’s nuclear energy industry body, in March 2022.

What is GIFEN? Trade association GIFEN was established to serve companies and other stakeholders with a common interest in the nuclear energy industry, promote careers in nuclear energy, and provide education and training in this high-growth sector. GIFEN promotes research and innovation in nuclear energy, supports industry stakeholders’ digital transformation strategies, connects its members to each other, and helps drive business growth. With major contractors, operators of state-of-the-art nuclear facilities that respond to the highest safety standards, and product, service, and technology providers of all sizes, GIFEN’s 250 members represent the broad diversity of France’s nuclear industry.

Why join? As one of the 250 members of GIFEN, Jeumont Electric will help shape France’s nuclear industry of the future as we consolidate our position as a leader in the nation’s nuclear industry and as a French manufacturer of reactor coolant pump motor assemblies with top reactor manufacturer Framatome.